Vermin Control Program in Broomehill and Tambellup Townsites

Published: Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 2:11:12 PM

From 1st July 2020 the Shire of Broomehill- Tambellup will be undertaking a vermin control program that will continue until 1st August 2020 in the boundaries of the town sites of Broomehill and Tambellup.  The program will include baiting for rabbits in bushlands surrounding both town sites and sports complexes.

This program is required due to increasing damage to Shire assets such as ovals and parks.

Baits used may be toxic to domestic pets if they come into frequent contact, so please be vigilant while this program is in affect when walking or walking pets in these areas.  Stations are a simple design of a 1.5 meter section of tin in a semi-circle or U shape, or a large plastic drum cut down. The bait used will be inoculated oats with a covering of green dye which will be situated on the ground under the station. Please avoid these stations as frequent contact or disturbances to the site can lessen the effect of the stations.

If you have any questions about this baiting program please contact the Shire on 98253555.  

For additional information about baiting programs or control methods go to

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