The Holland Track

Driving the Holland Track and John Holland Way

For those travelling in conventional two wheel drive vehicles, the John Holland Way provides a travel option between Broomehill and Coolgardie on gravel roads, where you can still experience the woodlands environment without needing a four wheel drive.

The southern section of the Holland Track from Broomehill follows gravel and bitumen roads through to the Hyden-Norseman Road.

The Hyden-Norseman Road is a well-made gravel road that passes through the Great Western Woodlands.  Information points are located along the length of the road, and camping spots are available.  Please be aware heavy vehicles use this route.

Victoria Rock Road through to Coolgardie is a lesser gravel road, the condition of which varies at different times of the year.

The condition of gravel roads along the route may deteriorate after heavy rain, and on occasion, the roads may be closed.

To find out about road closures in the area, go to Main Roads WA Travel Map.

Fuel and Water

Fuel is available at the towns along the southern section of the Holland Track, although out of hours service may be limited.  Hyden has good facilities to top up before you commence the off road, northern section of the Track. From Hyden, there are no fuel supplies until you reach Coolgardie.  Please ensure your fuel and water supplies are adequate to cover this distance, and any detours or emergency travel that may be required.


Bushfires can happen all year round, but during the hottest and driest times of the year, bushfire risk is at its highest.  In southern WA, the bushfire season generally extends from October to April. On hot, dry and windy days, there’s a much higher chance of a bushfire starting and getting out of control.

A Total Fire Ban (TFB) is issued for days when fires will be very difficult to control and are most likely to threaten lives and property. On a TFB day, all open-air fire activity is prohibited, including campfires, cookers and ovens that use solid fuel like wood or charcoal.

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans are declared by the Local Government and limit the operation of machinery and plant equipment likely to cause a fire when operated near flammable material, dry grass, stubble or bush.

Off road four wheel driving (including the 4WD section of the Holland Track) is banned during periods where a TFB or Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban has been issued.

If you’re travelling on the Holland Track during the bushfire season:

  • Check for current TFBs or Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans, and consider postponing your travel along the Holland Track if bans are in place.
  • Be prepared to change your travel plans at short notice if a fire starts.
  • Make sure someone outside your travel group knows your plans, destinations and expected arrival times.
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