The Broomehill Railway Yard

Mallet Bark to rail c1908

A wagon load of mallet bark being transported to the rail in Broomehill - c1908.  The bark of the mallet tree eucalyptus astringens is high in tannin and in the early days was exported in its ground form for use in the  tanning industry.

J J Treasure c1895

Freight transport -before the railway came.  JJ Treasure (Martinup) at the reins - freight was transported in this manner from Esperance to Albany (via Norseman) and Broomehill to Albany (c1895) 

199 yr rose

The '100 year old rose' - purported to be planted in the gardens of the Station Masters House, at the northern end of the railway yard. Access is off Keith St, Broomehill (across the railway line).

100 yr old rose sign

CBH c2021

Co-operative Bulk Handling - c2021.  Works are in progress to construct a new rail siding and outloading facility adjacent to the Great Southern Highway south of the Broomehill townsite.