Sights of Tambellup

The Tambellup Heritage Trail

This is a series of three inter-connecting trails that starts in the centre of town and takes in much of the history of the early settlement. Because much of the Noongar history of the area is centred on the Gordon River, the trail continues south of the town to the site of the former Aboriginal Reserve. To the north of the Town Loop, the trail runs upstream of the main bridge, across the river, where much of the social history of the European settler community occurred.

Great Picnic Spots

Pop into the 124 Tambellup Store on Norrish St to get the ingredients for a picnic, or a quick takeaway. Try the tranquil surrounds and black swans at the Gordon River Reserve. Saggers Pool is a great picnic site, further up the river, where there was once an old boat shed and boat races used to be held. Diprose Park is also lovely and it has a children's play area, toilets and free barbecue facilities.

Corner Shop Museum

Situated in the old Stationmaster's House, adjacent to the railway line on Norrish Street. Rooms have been re-created, using furniture and artifacts of by-gone years.

Community Mosaics

Representing Tambellup's strong sense of community, a collective effort from young and old put together this elaborate representation of Tambellup, displayed in a mosaic art form on the front of the Shire administration building. It depicts imagery of the Gordon River and its significance in Tambellup's history. Pavers set in the footpath, created by local schoolchildren, compliment the artwork.

The 'Big Willy'

Each entry into town is guarded by a famous Tambellup 'Big Willy' which is made from local timbers and there to welcome people into town. Each structure features the Willy Wagtail which is a cheeky little bird with a big song. You'll see the playful little things everywhere in the area.

Tambellup has strong links with Noongar culture and there are many significant sites in the area, especially around the Gordon River. The Willy Wagtail also features in local Noongar culture as a cheeky, mischievous bird.

More tourist information can be found on the Tambellup page of the Great Southern Treasures website, at the Shire Office and Tambellup Community Resource Centre.