Waste Management

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The Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup has two Waste Transfer Stations - at Tieline Road, Broomehill and Hankinson Road Tambellup.  

The purpose of the Waste Transfer Stations is to control the amount and type of waste which is being directed to landfill, which will extend the lifespan of our tip sites. Warren Blackwood Waste have been contracted to manage both sites, which are manned and open at set times during the week.

Council has set the following opening hours for the sites:





8.30am - 12.00 noon

1.00pm - 4.30pm


1.00pm - 4.30pm

8.30am - 12.00pm


1.00pm - 4.30pm

8.30am - 12.00pm


9.00am - 12.00 noon

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Please note that ALL sites are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day.

This information provides an overview of how the facilities operate. If you require more information about Waste Management services, please contact the Shire on 9825 3555.

How it works

Any clean material that is able to be recycled will be free to deposit, however waste that is not able to be recycled will incur a charge. This is managed through the use of Tip Passes, rather than handling cash on site.

  • Tip Passes contain a set number of tokens, each with a monetary value of $2.80.
  • Each token allows the deposit of non-recyclable household waste equivalent in volume to one standard 240 litre wheelie bin.
  • Larger loads or items require the use of two or more tokens as set out in Council’s annual fees and charges.
  • On arrival at the Waste Transfer Station, the attendant will assess the composition and quantity of the waste to be deposited, and ‘punch’ the required number of tokens. The attendant will then direct you to the appropriate areas of the site to deposit your rubbish or recycling.
  • Loads need to be sorted – recyclables which are dirty or contaminated with non-recyclable waste will incur a charge.

How do I get a Tip Pass?

Rural residents and those who do not receive a weekly rubbish collection are entitled receive an Annual Tip Pass which will contain 52 tokens. Each token will allow for the deposit of household rubbish equivalent to one 240 litre wheelie bin. Tip Passes will be mailed to landowners each year with Rates notices. If there are several residences on a farming property, the property owner can obtain additional passes on application to the Shire Administration Offices. If you wish to deposit more chargeable waste than is allocated on the Annual Tip Pass, you will need to purchase a Pre-Paid Tip Pass.

Town site ratepayers who currently receive a weekly rubbish collection service will receive a 5-token tip pass with their rates notices.  If you wish to deposit more chargeable waste than is allocated on the 5-token Tip Pass you will need to purchase additional Pre-Paid Tip Passes.

Each token will allow for the deposit of household rubbish equivalent to one 240 litre wheelie bin. As outlined above, larger loads or items will require the use of two or more tokens as determined by the Waste Transfer Station attendant.

The Tip Pass should be presented on every visit to the Waste Transfer Stations. If a Tip Pass is lost, you will need to purchase a replacement Pass from the Shire Office. Tip Passes (or unused portions thereof) are not refundable or redeemable for cash.

Please note: Pre-Paid Tip Passes should be purchased at either Shire Office prior to attendance at the Waste Transfer Station.

People wishing to dispose of bulk quantities of rubbish (ie bulk bin or truckload) are asked to contact the Shire during office hours to make an appointment to do so. All fees must be paid prior to attendance at the Waste transfer Station.

More information about Waste Disposal fees and charges is available here.

What recyclables can be accepted at the Waste Transfer Stations?

FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! The deposit of clean, uncontaminated materials for recycling is free to all residents, and will not require tokens to be punched.

Recycled materials which are able to be accepted include domestic quantities of paper, cardboard, plastics and glass (if deposited in the recycles bin onsite), batteries, uncontaminated green waste, clean fill (soil or rubble), white goods, and uncontaminated sorted scrap metal.

Fencing wire can be accepted as recyclable, provided all fence posts have been removed. Timber, including furniture, can be recycled, following removal of any upholstery or other material.

What waste is not accepted?

Asbestos, waste oil, chemical drums, hazardous waste and septage are not accepted at either the Broomehill or Tambellup Waste Transfer sites.

For more information please contact the Shire on 9825 3555. 

Rubbish Collection

A rubbish collection service for household and business premises in the townsites is provided by Warren Blackwood Waste every Thursday morning.

Warren Blackwood Waste also provide a recycling collection service to town residents and businesses, every second Thursday morning. Recycling material include aluminum and steel cans (lids removed), milk and juice cartons (lids removed) and cool drink bottles (lids removed), all papers, and glass jars and bottles (lids removed). Users of the recycling facility are reminded that all milk and drink containers including cans are to be washed and rinsed to ensure that ants are not attracted or odours created.

Residents are asked to ensure rubbish and recycling wheelie bins are placed at the road verge by 6am. 

Waste Oils

 WREN Oil conducts a farm pickup service for used oil.  Collections are carried out when a sufficient quantity of oil is registered in the Shire to warrant a pickup run.  Please contact the Shire on 9825 3555 to register for a collection.

Chemical Containers

The Tambellup P & C Association runs a Drum Muster collection each November with funds raised going to the P & C. Please contact the President of the P & C, Nick Lockyer on 9825 1054 for more information.