Broomehill Cemetery Five Year Plan – seeking community feedback!

Published on Wednesday, 2 August 2023 at 2:05:03 PM

Broomehill Cemetery Five Year Plan – seeking community feedback!

An upgrade and improvements plan has been developed for the Broomehill Cemetery, which includes a variety of initiatives to address issues at the cemetery, including management of bush regrowth, the tired appearance of some sections including the pioneer section, a lack of basic facilities, no water available for public use, no pedestrian access from town, trees causing damage to graves, no 'works' area out of sight of the public during burials, a lack of site directions or map,  repairs to the perimeter fence and the need for an accurate site survey to be undertaken.

Community feedback on the Plan is invited until 2 October 2023.  Comments should be in writing, and can be emailed to the CEO at, posted to the Shire at 46-48 Norrish St, Tambellup, or delivered in person.

Copies of the Plan are available for perusal at the Shire Administration Offices and Tambellup CRC.  Alternatively, the Plan can be viewed on the Shire Plans page on the Shire website 

Cover page of Broomehill Cemetery Draft 5 Year Plan document