2021-2022 Budget and Rating information

Property Valuations

Unimproved Valuations

Landgate policy sees the Unimproved Valuations (UV) revalued on an annual basis.  The annual revaluation of UV properties comes into effect from 1 July each year. The revaluation has resulted in an overall increase in UV’s of 19.06% across the Shire.  

Landgate advise “The analysis of sales at and around the date of valuation supports a general lift in unimproved values across the Shire.  Sales close to the date of valuation indicate that the market is continuing to rise, and further increases are anticipated in the next revaluation if this trend continues to be supported by sales  evidence.”

Gross Rental Valuations

The revaluation for Gross Rental Valuations (GRV) properties came into effect on 1 July and minor fluctuations in valuations have occurred across both townsites.  GRV properties are revalued every five years, in accordance with Landgate policy. 

Rate in the Dollar

To accommodate changes in valuations for both UV and GRV properties, Council has adjusted the rate in the dollar accordingly to reflect the agreed rate increase of 3.5%.  The following rates in the dollar will be implemented for the 2019/20 year:-

Rate in the DollarMinimum Charge
GRV 11.0689c $515.00
UV 0.7260c $515.00

Discount For Prompt Payment

A 5% discount is available on current rates paid within twenty eight (28) days from the date of issue on the rate notice.

The discount period closes at 4.00pm on Wednesday 29 September 2021

Payments received after this date will not be eligible for the discount

Due Dates & Installment Options

Council offers ratepayers the opportunity to pay by one of the following methods:-

  1. 5% discount if payment is made in full by 4.00pm on Wednesday 29 Setpember 2021.

  2. Payment in full, no discount and no penalty interest charged, if payment is made by 4.00pm on Friday 29 September 2021. 

  3. Payment by two instalments, due by the dates listed below.  The second instalment will incur an administration fee of $10 per notice and daily interest on each instalment calculated at the rate of 5.5% per annum.
    1. 1st Instalment due 4.00pm 29 September 2021
    2. 2nd Instalment due 4.00pm 31January 2022

  4. Payment by four instalments, due by the dates listed below.  The second, third and fourth instalments will incur an administration fee of $10 per notice and daily interest on each instalment calculated at 5.5% per annum.
    1. 1st Instalment due 4.00pm 29 September 2021
    2. 2nd Instalment due 4.00pm 29 November 2021
    3. 3rd Instalment due 4.00pm 31 January 2022
    4. 4th Instalment due 4.00pm 29 March 2022

Note:  the instalment option is not available when rates are in arrears.

Regulation 58 of the Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations 1996 prohibits payment by the instalment option when there are any outstanding rates, service charges or interest from a previous financial year at the time when the first instalment becomes due.

Local Government (Financial Management Regulation 59 prescribes $200 as the minimum amount of rates levied to be eligible for the instalment option. 

Regulation 66 of the Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations states that if an instalment is not paid by the due date, Council make revoke the ratepayer’s right to continue to pay by instalments and all remaining rates outstanding on the assessment become immediately due and payable.  Penalty interest will then commence accruing at the rate of 11% per annum.

Interest On Overdue Rates & Charges

Council has resolved that an interest rate of 11% per annum will be applied to all overdue rates and charges.  Interest will start accruing on all amounts not paid by 4.00pm on Wednesday 29 September 2021.  Rates that are unpaid at 29 September 2021 are charged 11% penalty interest on a daily basis.

Rubbish Charges

Council contracts Warren Blackwood Waste to conduct the weekly rubbish collection service of 240 litre wheelie bins and the fortnightly collection of recycling bins.

Refuse charges remain unchanged for the 2021/22 year-

Residential Refuse - including recycling $235.00
Residential Refuse – additional bin $135.00
Residential Refuse – additional recycling bin $100.00
Commercial Refuse – including recycling $255.00
Commercial Refuse – additional bin $155.00
Commercial Refuse – additional recycling bin $100.00