Commencement of Restricted Burning Period

published on Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 9:23:38 AM

The Restricted Burning Period extends from Saturday 19 September 2020 until Saturday 31 October 2020.  During this period, a permit to burn must be obtained from your brigade Fire Control Officer, and all conditions stated on the permit must be adhered to.

The Prohibited Burning Period commences on Sunday 1 November 2020, and extends through until Sunday 14 February 2021.  During this period no burning is permitted.

For more information please contract your brigade Fire Control Officer or the Community Emergency Services Manager, Cindy Pearce, on 0417 071567.

Brigade Contacts:

Broomehill Central Neil Tears 0417 939684
Broomehill East Nathan Heron 0427 212072
Broomehill West Ed Anderson 0428 221591
Tambellup East Mario Cristinelli 0427 258118
Tambellup West Nick Lockyer 0429 104129
Tambellup Townsite (VFES) Laurie Hull 0428 251177

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